Advantages of plastic formwork over traditional wood / steel forwork .

1.     Plastic formwork  can be used more than 100 times  if handled properly .

2.     The panels are light weight , study  and easy to handle

3.     The concrete does not stick to it so making it easy to clean after use just by spraying water .

4.     No use of shuttering oil as the surface tension is low and the concrete does not stick , In slabs you can brush it with oil since the panels would be fixed for a longer period of time .

5.     It does not get spoiled in water , nor u have the problem of rusting or damaged by water .

6.     It can be locked by a locking handle which ensures tight fixation of panels which ensures no leakage of concrete and thus by joining the panels it makes it one single panel .

7.     It ensures a good finish of walls , slabs , columns , beams etc reducing the need to plaster the walls , beams , slabs , columns etc .

8.     It saves a lot of time and labour  as it is easy to fix and so it saves a lot of money as due to huge interest costs which builders have to bear due to the delay in project completion .

9.     The panels  are all multi pupose as they can be used in all , walls , columns , slabs and beams .As all the panles can be interlocked with each other .

10.    Very good for lift walls , coloumns , retaining walls , moulions etc were the repeatability is much much faster than the slabs .

11.    Even after being comparatively expensive than the plywood or steel it still works out much cheaper due to its repeatability and finish .

12.    These panels can be used to replace the brick walls by using this to make the total shuttering  and then cast the foamed concrete or low weight celar concrete , which can be pumped directly into the situ .

13.    You do not need nails to fix them and over all it is eco friendly and can be recycled

14.    We provide a replacement facility where you can exchange 1 new panel for every 4 old and used panels  . There fore getting a 25 % scrap value .

15.    In the star columns the advantage of no maintainance of inventory as u can make a lot of sizes in the same set . Like for upto 24 inches panel u can make  :        9 , 12 , 16 , 18 , 22 , 24    all theses sizes and their combinations working out to 21 sizes in 1 set .